Minutes of the Emergency General Meeting of the Bangladesh Ceramic Society.

An Emergency General Meeting of the Bangladesh Ceramic Society was held on 16th May, 2015 at IFRD auditorium, BCSIR Campus, Dhaka at 3.00 pm. In absence of the President R.M Khan, Vice President, Mr. Asif  Ariff  Tabani, presided over the meeting. In all 46 members attended the meeting (list attached).


Discussion: The President informed the members about the present situation of Bangladesh Ceramic Society in brief and initiated discussion. General Secretary gave a detail report about the current situation. Different members like Dr. Aftabuddin Ahmed, Mr. S.M Mahbub Alam, Mr. S.B Zaman, Manjural Karim took part in the discussion. Treasurer reported about financial condition of the Society.


It was generally felt that activities of the society is almost stand still and the society is inactive for the last 9 (nine) years. Reactivation of the society was proposed by all the members.